Primary Contacts

Talent Profiles are automatically assigned a Primary Contact when a relationship is created with your agency. The Primary Contact determines who at your agency receives notifications about messages, and what talent profiles display under the My Talent section of the talent view list. However, the Primary Contact does not control who is notified when a new talent user applies with your agency. This is controlled within your Notification Subscriptions and Preferences.

The way that the primary contact is initially assigned is determined by the path through which the talent relationship is created. 
If the healthcare professional applies through your Kamana Portal URL link, the Account Owner is set as the Primary Contact
If the talent user applied via a Claim Profile Invite or a New Talent Invite , the sender of the invitation will be set as the Primary Contact
The creator of an Unclaimed Profile is, by default, the Primary Contact. 

Changing Primary Contact

Primary Contacts can be changed by Account Administrators or Account Owners.

Primary Contacts can be changed one of three ways: 
  • On the Talent List View, select the ellipsis menu and select Change Primary Contact
  • On the Talent List View, select the primary contact name, then select Change
  • From the Talent Profile, select the ellipsis menu at the top of the profile, and select Change Primary Contact
Mass Change of Primary Contact
Account Administrators are able to reassign all assigned talent relationships for an entity user to another account administrator or standard user.
  • From the Users section of Kamana, locate the entity user you are moving the talent relationships from, click Reassign Talent
  • Then select the user you would like to assign the talent relationships to from the drop-down list
  • Select Save Changes and the talent relationships will be reassigned to the new Primary Contact
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