Kamana Application Landing Page URL

Kamana makes it easy for healthcare professionals to apply directly into your Kamana Talent Management Portal via a unique Application Landing Page URL

  1. This Application Landing Page URL can be placed on your agency website, or behind “Apply” buttons for job postings you have across the web. 
  2. Clicking this link will bring your candidates to page where they can either create or log in with an existing Kamana profile to apply directly to your agency. 
  3. Once the application has been completed, their Kamana profile will be connected to your agency account. Be sure to subscribe to talent signup notifications to ensure you are alerted as soon as a new candidate expresses interest in working with you!
You are also able to send a personalized talent invite to a specific healthcare professional. You can learn more about sending talent invites here.

Locating Application Landing Page URL

  • Select Preferences from the Navigation Pane
  • Scroll to the Application Landing Page
  • Copy the Landing Page URL
  • Place your link on your website and in your job postings

Making Changes to Kamana Application Landing Page URL or Legal Application Acknowledgement Statement

The unique agency landing page URL and legal application acknowledgment statement verbiage is automatically generated upon agency sign up. If you need to change your link or the verbiage in the legal application acknowledgment statement, we are able to help you with that! Just send a request to support@kamanahealth.com and we would be happy to assist you!

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