Why is Kamana free for healthcare professionals?

Kamana provides nurses and allied health pros a free platform to securely store, track, manage, and share their credentials and professional information with employers. 

We can provide this free service because we also provide healthcare staffing agencies with software to manage their application, onboarding, compliance, communication, and other staffing workflows. Staffing agencies pay us to use this software. 

Healthcare Professionals can use their free Kamana profiles in a few ways. 

Think of Kamana as your living resume and digital wallet to do with as you choose. You'll get the most value by sharing your profile when you need to apply for a job or share info about your credentials and professional history. However, if you want to keep it all to yourself, that's fine too! YOUR data is not going anywhere if you don't want it to.

We're committed to keeping Kamana free for healthcare pros. We know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to repeat the same applications over and over (and over) again. We've felt the repercussions of having our data breached by staffing agencies who were collecting and storing our sensitive information in insecure ways such as email and text. 

We have been in your shoes. And we don't want you to have to be in those shoes any longer.

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