Sharing Your Kamana Profile

A Talent Profile Share provides you a secure and efficient way to share your credentials, qualifications, and job preferences with staffing agencies and employers. You can quickly create a Profile Share when access is needed, then Unshare when it is not. A Profile Share enables you to skip the repeat conversations, duplicate applications and onboarding, and unsecure information sharing. 

The Basics. 

  • Create a "Profile Share" to securely share access to the information in your Profile. Here's what a Profile Share looks like
  • There are two Profile Share versions (aka Access Levels) - Overview & Full.
  • You can send a Profile Share link automatically to an email recipient or create a link to copy/paste. 
  • The Profile Share recipient does not need to be a Kamana user. 
  • You can edit the Access Level anytime. When you do, the URL (link) will not change. 
  • The recipient will have access to changes you make in your profile in real time. 
  • You can remove access (Unshare) for a recipient anytime.

How It Works

  • Click the Share Profile / Shares icon on the left-sign navigation, or on the bottom of your screen when on mobile. 
  • Click the + sign to create a new Profile Share. 
  • Enter a Recipient Name. We recommend creating a unique Profile Share for each agency or employer. This enables you to track when the profile is viewed and unshare the profile when the recipient no longer needs access. 
  • Choose a Delivery Method: Email or Link Only. Email delivery will automatically send an email to a recipient with a link to the Profile Share. Link Only delivery will simply create a link for you to copy and paste yourself.
  • If Email, enter an email address for whom you'd like to share with (recipient). You can include a Personal Message if you'd like. The personal message will be included in the email the recipient receives. 
  • Optionally include a Private Note for yourself. The recipient cannot see this note. 
  • Choose an Access Level: Overview or Full. 
    • Overview: This version will include the name, contact information, and a summary of qualifications from the Talent Profile, but will not show document attachments or sensitive personal information. Some sensitive areas such as reference and agency details will be hidden. The receiver will not be able to download the profile. 
    • Full: This version will display all information in the Talent Profile. If document attachments were included, there will be links to download them. The receiver will be able to download a copy of the profile. Note that sensitive personal information such the last four of the security number, home address, and reference contact information will be shared. 
  • Click Send Profile Now or Create Link (depending on what Delivery Method was chosen) 
  • You will be redirected to the Profile Shares page. Here you can view and edit all active Profile Shares. 

If the Email Delivery Method was used, an email will be sent to the recipient with a link to access the Profile Share. If the recipient replies to the email, you will receive the response via email.

If the Link Only Delivery Method was used, click Copy Link near the bottom right of the Profile Share summary. You can paste this link in an email, text message, or any other medium you choose.

Changing the Access Level or Updating your Profile.

Access Levels are specific to each Profile Share. Editing the Access Level or making changes to your Talent Profile will automatically reflect in the Profile Share. You do not need to create a new Profile Share to add information. To update the Access Level:

  • From the Profile Shares page, click the ellipsis menu next to the Share, then click Edit. 
  • Choose the new Access Level.
  • If using the Email Delivery Method, you can enter a new personal message to let the recipient know something has changed. 
  • Click Send Profile Now or Save Changes. The Profile Share will be updated, but the URL will not change. 

Previewing a Profile Share

You can preview a Profile Share anytime to see exactly what the recipient will see. Simply click the ellipsis menu, then Preview Share. 

How to Unshare.

From the Profile Shares page, click the ellipsis menu next to the corresponding Share, then click Unshare. That's it. The URL specific to that Profile Share will no longer work, and the Profile Share will disappear from the list.

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