Joining An Agency Team

Healthcare Professionals: Your agency has partnered with Kamana to make the application, onboarding, and profile management process much easier for you. This isn't your typical candidate portal.  

The Basics

Join your agency in Kamana to securely share your professional history, credentials, and onboarding documentation - alongside where, when, and how you want to work. You can create and maintain your Kamana Profile on any device, and rest easy knowing your personal data is safe. Once you have joined your agency in Kamana you can: 

  • communicate with your agency contacts directly within your account
  • track your expiring credentials and keep your agency informed about renewals
  • fill and sign documents to complete the onboarding process
  • securely share any other information your agency needs to place and employ you

If you already have a Kamana Profile, you can instantly share your information with your agency without having to fill out another Profile. If you don't have a Profile yet, that's okay too. Once you create one you can use Kamana to securely manage your professional information for life. 

How To Create or Access Your Profile and Join Your Agency in Kamana 

There are three ways to join your Agency in Kamana:

  1. Your agency sends an email invite to join their candidate portal. This is called a Talent Invite.
  2. Your agency sends an email invite to 'claim" a Profile they have already started for you. This is called a Claim Invite.
  3. You access their portal using an 'Apply Now' link found on online on their website, a job post, social media account, etc.  This is called an Apply Link.

Emails will come from “Invites from Kamana”, with the subject “[Agency Name] invited you to Kamana.” If you don't see the email, check your spam, notifications, or promotions folder. The email will contain a link to access their portal. 

Talent Invites and Apply Links

If you receive a Talent Invite or access your Agency's portal through an Apply Link you will be presented with two options: 

  • If you already have a Kamana Profile, choose I have a Kamana Profile and sign in to your Kamana account.
  • If this is your first time using Kamana, choose Create Profile and complete the quick registration process. 

Once you've signed in or created a new account, click Apply Now (or Join This Team)

Claim Invites 

If your agency has created a Profile for you - you will receive a Claim Invite via email. Simply click the link in the email and create a password. You will now have access to all of the information entered by your Agency into your Kamana Profile.

Collaborating with Your Agency

After following one of the paths above your agency will have access to your Profile in real time as you edit it. Creating a profile is fast, simple, and yours to keep. 

  • Complete Your Profile as soon as possible and keep it up to date as things change. You can view a sample nurse profile here.
  • Message with Your Agency by navigating to the Messaging section and clicking on your Agency's name to start a conversation.
  • Fill and Sign Documents your agency sends you. Outstanding documents will appear on your Dashboard. Here's how it works.
  • Control How You Are Notified about messages, signature requests, and other activity by managing your notification preferences

How to Sign Back In

You can sign back into Kamana anytime using this link

Contacting Technical Support

If you need help with your account, use any of the following options to chat directly with a dedicated member of the Kamana team. 

  • While completing registration: near the top right, click Help.
  • While logged in: near the top right, click the ? icon, then Contact Us.
  • While at click the chat icon near the bottom right.

Some helpful Tips for Healthcare Professionals

  • Complete all sections of your Profile as soon as reasonably possible. Travel contracts are competitive. Having your Profile ready to go, at all times, gives both you and your recruiter a competitive advantage when your dream job comes up. 
  • Have paper documents? Ditch the scanner. Use your mobile device to simply take photos directly within Kamana as you add licenses, certifications, medical history exams, etc. Not to worry, you can add scanned document attachments too. 
  • Actively searching for a contract? Create Opportunity Preferences to let your recruiter know what you’re looking for. Keep your preferences up to date to find a match.
  • Credentials expiring soon? Kamana notifies you 60 days from expiration, and sends periodic reminders, so your credentials stay up to date. 

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