Filling and Signing Documents in Kamana

When working with a staffing agency that uses Kamana's talent and compliance management platform, your agency can send you requests to fill and sign documents through Kamana. This is called a signature request. You can fill and sign the documents easily from any device and your agency will be notified as soon as the documents are complete. Here's how it works: 

How am I notified when my agency sends me a document to sign? 

When an agency sends you a request to fill and sign a document you will receive a notification within your Kamana account following your Notification Preferences. You will always receive an alert on the "bell icon" displayed near the top right of your Kamana account. If you are not active in your Kamana account at the time the request is sent you will also receive a text or email. The notification will let you know the name of the agency users who sent you the request, the name of the agency, and the subject of the request. 

Until a signature request has been completed it will also be displayed on your Dashboard under the 'Open Signature Requests' section. If you don't see this section on your Dashboard, it means you don't have any pending requests! 

How do I fill and sign the document?

You can open the signature request by clicking on the link in the "bell icon" notification, clicking on the document name under "Open Signature Requests" on your dashboard, or clicking the link in the email/text you received if you were not actively using Kamana when the request was sent. You may need to sign in if you are not signed in already. 

Pro Tip: Use the 'Remember Me' option to avoid needing to log in every time. 

Each of the methods above will bring you to a page that displays the signature request details. If the sender included a message you can view it here. Click ' Sign Request' to start signing.

This will bring up a pop up window where you can review, fill, and sign the documents included in the signature request.

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