Free Onboarding Tool For Recruiters and Compliance

Recruiters and Compliance Teams: You can take advantage of the efficiency and security Kamana offers nurses and allied health professionals, for free, even if your staffing agency has not implemented the Kamana talent management platform. 

What's a Kamana Profile?

Kamana enables nurses and allied health professionals to create a secure online profile that can be shared with healthcare staffing agencies during the job search, application, and onboarding process.

A Kamana profile includes everything that would be needed to apply with and be submitted by a staffing agency. For example, licenses, certifications, work history, skills, relevant medical history, references, and more. The profile also indicates what the healthcare pro is looking for, such as where, when, and how they want to work. Here's what a Kamana Profile looks like

Kamana is free for healthcare professionals and we do not sell or share their private data, ever. Kamana also sends reminders to healthcare pros about expiring credentials to help ensure they're we'll prepared for their next opportunity.

How can agencies use Kamana to their advantage?

Staffing Agencies: You are welcome to use Kamana to more efficiently and securely communicate with and onboard candidates. Rapid access to a a candidates profile and documentation can increase speed to submission and provide you a competitive advantage.

Simply ask your candidates to: 

  1. Sign up for Kamana at
  2. Complete their Kamana Profile and Opportunity Preferences.
  3. Share their Full Profile* with your email address.

When a healthcare pro shares their profile, you will receive an email with a link to access it (Sample Profile). 

  • As the candidate makes changes to their Profile, the link you have will update in real time. 
  • Track progress as they go. View what they're searching for without the endless phone tag. 
  • Document attachments are available for fast (and secure) download. 

Why is it free?

We also provide software to healthcare staffing agencies to more efficiently manage their workflows. The Kamana talent management platform generates revenue much like a traditional CRM/ATS, but was built specifically for the travel and per diem healthcare staffing industry. Interested in learning more? Head to or email us at

*Healthcare professionals have the option to share two versions of their profile. If you are unable to access their documentation after they share it with you, share this help article with the nurse and ask them to update your access level to Full: Sharing Your Kamana Profile

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