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Kamana’s Document Library can be used to share information with talent users and/or users within your organization.  We suggest that you upload your employee handbook, policies and procedures, and educational material to your Document Library. The items that are added to the library can be shared with your agency internally and/or shared with the talent users within your organization. Building out your agency’s library will help improve your onboarding process and allow healthcare professionals to find the information they need, when they need it.

Your talent is able to see your Document Library in the dashboard of their Kamana App when they navigate to your Agency Page. Your Agency Page will also display your Agency and Benefit Information configured in Agency Preferences and any Signature Requests completed through the  Esign Portal in Kamana. 

Adding Documents or Links to Document Library

  • Select Library from the Navigation Pane
  • Click the (+) Add button to add a new document or link
  • Enter a Display Name
  • Provide a description which will be visible to all user types(optional)
  • Check Visible to Talent? if you would like the document to be able to be viewed and downloaded by talent users within your agency
    • If Visible to Talent? is left unselected, the document or link will only be available to the other agency users within your organization. 
  • Upload file or create a link
    • For files, one attachment may be uploaded per‘Document’ in the library. Make sure you combine attachments before uploading, if necessary
    • For links, the URL entered must be properly formatted
  • Select Save Changes to publish to the Document Library. 
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