Managing Employer Preferences

Details, Details, Details! Kamana is focused around providing transparent information to both the agencies and healthcare professionals. Configure your employer preferences to provide a link to your website and a brief introduction. It would also be beneficial to provide a summary of benefits your company offers, as that is information healthcare professionals are looking for! 

Your talent is able to see this information in the dashboard of their Kamana App when they navigate to your Employer Page. Your Employer Page will also display documents and links that you have shared in your Document Library  and any Signature Requests completed through the eSign Portal  in Kamana. 

Creating or Updating Agency Preferences

Account Owners are the only user able to create or update Employer Preferences. Click here to learn more about User Roles.
  • Select Preferences from the Navigation Pane
  • Click Edit(pencil icon) near the top right of the Employer Preferences page
  • Update fields as needed
  • Select Save Changes button at the bottom of the page
Let’s dive into the different sections in the Employer Preferences page!

Company Profile

In the Company Profile section of  Employer  Preferences the following fields are available for editing: 
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Bio
    • The company bio would be best used to provide a brief overview and/or the company’s purpose or mission.

Standard Benefits Available

The Standard Benefits Available section provides the following fields to be updated for your company, where applicable:
  • Insurance
  • Pay Schedule
  • Licensure Reimbursements
  • Education Reimbursements
  • Retirement Options
  • Additional Perks

Application Landing Page

The Application Landing Page section is not an editable section, but provides you with important information. 
The Landing Page URL is your agency’s unique link for healthcare professionals to apply directly into your talent management portal. Click here to learn more about your unique portal link.
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