What are Kamana's password requirements?

Kamana takes data security very seriously. We ensure strong passwords using an algorithmic model that prevents common patterns from being used. Here are the guidelines for creating a great password for your Kamana account.

  • Use at least ten characters. 
  • Instead of simply using a mix of letters, numbers, and non-alpha-characters - include two or more words that would not commonly go together. 
  • Including one or more numbers or non-alpha-characters is ideal, but not required. 
  • Do not include any part of your name or email address in your password. 
  • You may use any of the following standard keyboard symbols in addition to letters and numbers (`~!@#$%^&*_+=\][{}|';:"/.,<>?)
  • Your password can not contain any emoji's or non standard symbols not listed above.

Example of a strong acceptable password: GiantOutdoorScissors! 

Example of a password that will be rejected: NuR$1nG9!

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