How do shared profiles work for staffing agencies?

In addition to the talent and compliance management platform Kamana provides staffing agencies, independent nurses and allied health professionals use Kamana to securely store, track, manage, and share their credentials and professional profile. 

Healthcare professionals with a Kamana profile are more prepared to be screened, submitted, and onboarded - even if your agency is not part of the Kamana community.

When a healthcare professional shares their Kamana profile with an agency that is not a Kamana user, the receiver will receive an email from 'Profile Share from Kamana' <> with a link to access the profile. A shared profile link looks like this.

Within the profile link you can securely:  

  • view job preferences (locations, dates, shift, etc.) 
  • view qualifications and professional history 
  • download a real time resume
  • download documentation for onboarding (licenses, certs, medical history records, skills checklists, and more)
If document download links are not available, check the 'Access Level’ in the top right corner: 
  • If set to “Overview”, the user has chosen not to share their sensitive documents with you yet. Kindly ask them to update your Access Level to “Full” when they’re comfortable doing so.
  • If set to “Full", kindly ask them to add the missing document attachments to their Kamana Profile. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time. We're here to help!

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