What is Kamana?

Kamana is not a staffing agency. We're a collaborative platform for healthcare staffing agencies and professionals to manage credentials and fill jobs more efficiently. 

Staffing agencies use Kamana to provide their teams of healthcare professionals with application, onboarding, communication, credential management processes that are secure and easy to use, from any device. Kamana also enables recruiters, compliance teams, and others within a staffing agency track and submit candidates faster and easier. 

Nurses and allied healthcare professionals create a (free) profile on Kamana to store, manage, and share their credentials + professional portfolio (e.g. resume, skills, health hx records) with staffing agencies, even agencies that don't use Kamana. They include details on where, when, and how they want to work. All personal information is secure, encrypted, and will remain private until users decide to share it. 

Learn more at www.kamanahealth.com. If you're a healthcare professional, sign up here

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