Creating An Agency Account

Creating Your Account

To get started with the Kamana Talent Management Platform, you will be invited in one of two ways: 

  1. You will receive an invite to the platform from 'Kamana Support' 
  2. You will be sent a link to create your account. 

If method one is used: Simply need to click the link from the invite you receive, create your password, and then sign in to access your account. The Account Owner will be designated and setup during your kick off call. You can move on to 'Confirming Your Account' below.

If method two is used: 

  1. Determine who at your agency will be designated as the 'Account Owner'. Only one person from your staffing agency will need to create your agency account.  Only one person from your agency should complete this step. The user that creates the account will: 
    1. be established as the 'Account Owner'
    2. have the same privileges as an Account Administrator (see user roles
    3. be the only user within an agency that can edit the Agency Preferences
  2. The designated account owner should navigate to the sign up link provided via email.
  3. Enter the following information to create your account: First Name, Last Name, Company (Agency Name), Email, and Password.

Confirming Your Account

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account within two days of creating it. Click the link in the email to confirm. Your account must be confirmed within two days.

If you do not see an email, please check your spam/junk folder, or click "resend it" from the yellow banner within the app. If you do not see a yellow banner, your account has already been confirmed.

Once your initial user account has been created it is time to Invite your Agency Team Members

Need to change your account owner?

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