Creating a Short Bio

This section is an opportunity to share your personality, and things you find important that aren't captured elsewhere in your Kamana profile. Have fun with it!

  • Don't have an extensive work history? Showcase other accomplishments, such as being on the deans list in your BSN program. 
  • Have a gap in work history due to to an extended trip overseas? Let employers know you've been out learning from cultures all over the world. 
  • Have a license, certification, or degree from a past career? Share it here. 
  • Volunteer? Employers love to know. 
  • Passions, hobbies and motivations for travel are all valuable bits of info for recruiters to get creative with the opportunities they find for you.

Here's an exampleI've been a travel nurse for five years, specializing in ICU and PICU. Prior to nursing I worked as a CNA on a stroke and geriatric unit. I enjoy working in the Southeast to be near family. I enjoy working in fast-paced environments. 

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