Reviewing and Downloading Talent Information

Every database ever used has always served two purposes: references and copies. Whether or not you need to gather some specific information for an audit, performing cleanup, or making copies, Kamana makes the process quick and easy.

With this Guide, you can:

Reviewing Talent Information

The most important information regarding a candidate is their personal information. If any other details on their Profile require questions, the candidate themselves can always provide the necessary credentials or information.

We will review each section of information below as if you were to edit Talent Profile.

  • Personal Information section.
    • Core Information - The primary details related to their Healthcare Profession.
      • Profession - Their primary role/job/title.
      • Primary Specialty - Their main department of work, or area of expertise.
      • Year of Experience - Amount of years actively working in the roles above.

    • Personal Information
      • First Name - Their legal First Name.
      • Middle Name
        • Whether or not the user has a middle name
      • Last Name - Their legal Last Name.
      • Email - Their preferred email address to be emailed at. This is not to be confused with their login email, which is different and where they receive Kamana notifications.
      • Phone Number - Their preferred Contact Phone Number.
      • Gender Identity - The Gender they Identify with, but were not necessarily identified as at birth.
      • SSN - Their Social Security Number.
      • Date of Birth - The date of birth which should be matched with their birth certificate.
      • NPI Number - The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to some healthcare providers in the United States by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
      • Short Bio - Voluntary details the Healthcare Professional has entered in about themselves.

    • Emergency Contact
      • Name
      • Phone
      • Relationship

    • Tax Home Address
      • Street/Apt.
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code

    • Background & Work Authorization - The Candidate can choose to answer the following ahead of time for your hiring needs.
      • Has action ever been taken against any of your medical licenses?
        • Yes or No?
      • Have you ever been named as a defendant in a professional liability action?
        • Yes or No?
      • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?
        • Yes or No?
  • Desired opportunities section.
    • Locations

    • Shift Preference

    • Weekly Hours

    • Availability

    • Assignment Length

    • Desired Pay

Reviewing and Downloading Talent Credentials

Regardless of the Credential you're looking to review, the process of accessing and reading them are similar in Kamana. 

The below example will represent a number of Certifications for a Talent user, but the process is similar regardless of the Credential (License, Medical History, etc.) in Kamana.

  1. Archived Entries - You'll want to review what has been archived, just in case there are details of interest or audits.
  2. Name of Credential - This is the name of the Credential. You can click on this to expand further details. In the above, we expand the "PALS" entry to review necessary details.
  3. Attachment Icon - You can quickly review which Credentials have an attachment by seeing if it has this Icon. We list the number of attachments next to this icon as well.
  4. Attachment(s) - The attachments indicated by the Icon in #3 are available to access/download here. You can also click on Archived attachments for this credential entry.

Reviewing and Downloading Agency Files

These are files and notes that aren't managed by the Candidate. We'll go over how to retrieve them below.

  • Recent Employer Attachments section
    • Click View All
    • To view and download the attachments, toggle between each category using the drop-down. You can then download the appropriate files.

    • You may wish to note the following for it:
      • Attachment
      • Attachment Name
      • Category
      • Description (Optional)
  • Employer Notes
    • To make a copy, we recommend to either take a screenshot(s), or copy them into a spreadsheet.
  • Recent eSign Documents - Note, this is the one area of Employer details that the Talent user can retrieve copies (of the completed eSign) from.
    • Click View All

    • If an eSign is Completed, you can download.
    • Click on the subject.

    • Click As PDF.

    • Click the download icon.

    • Save the file.
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