Do I need to download an app?

Nope. We're a web-based app, also known as a Progressive Web App (PWA). You can log in to Kamana from a browser on phone, tablet, or computer at any time. 

Using Kamana on a mobile device? You can add Kamana to the home-screen of your phone or tablet, and interact just as if it were downloaded and installed from the app store. In fact, we recommend you do! Learn how here.


So what is a Progressive Web App exactly?

In its simplest sense, a progressive web app (PWA) is a mobile app delivered through the web. 

  • It functions like a native app, due to the use of an app shell that allows for app-style gestures and navigation. 
  • The main difference is that there is no need to download it from an app store. It runs, self-contained, right in a web browser. 
  • With the help of service workers, a progressive web app is able to load instantly, even in areas of low connectivity.
  • With the help of pre-caching, the app stays up to date at all times, displaying the most recent version upon launching.
  • It combines best elements of mobile sites and native apps, while mitigating their disadvantages.

PWAs are efficient, economical , and the future of mobile applications. Welcome to the future.

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